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Japan Opens Up Its First Mini-Shiba Inu Cafe

Japan just opened up its first miniature Shiba Inu cafe, where you can enjoy coffee and play with adorable Shiba Inu looking for love!

While recent years have seen Japan's pet cafes expand to more "exotic" animals such as owls and otters, cats seem to have their paws on a majority share of the pet-staffed cafe market. Cat cafes in Japan have distinguished themselves with cosplaying cat cafes, cafes where customers can adopt kitties with FIV, and even Japan's first ever cat cafe on a train. While there are definitely doggo cafes, they seem to lack in number compared to their feline counterparts. That may be changing, however, in a big way as the country's first mini-Shiba Inu cafe just opened in Okayama Prefecture.

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It's called the "Mame Shiba Inu Cafe" ("Mame Shiba Inu" means "Bean Shiba Inu" in Japanese, a reference to the breed's small size). Outside of the breed, Mame Shiba is also a popular merchandise mascot in Japan, which comes in the form of many different types of beans with Shiba Inu faces. Similarly, the Mame Shiba Inu staff at the cafe (10 dogs in total) are named after different beans based on their appearance or personality--Edamame, Fava Bean, Blackbean, etc. Junior high school students and older can enter for 780 yen with a complimentary drink, elementary school students for 580 yen, and children under 3 for free. In principle, there's a 30 minute time-limit, but if the space is not crowded and there is no line, you can stay for as long as you wish.

While some have reasonable qualms about pet cafes, and particularly the amount of care and rest the animals there can get, there are quite a few small business or family-run ones in Japan that simply operate as an extension of the owner's home, allowing guests to come in and enjoy a relaxing time with the pets. The spacious old-fashioned Japanese home setting seems to be a good fit for the dogs, who are definitely more suited toward this than some other animals in Japan. As the proprietor says, the idea of the shop is for guests to come in an take a quick break with a cup of coffee and be "healed by the cute presence of the dogs", so disruptive play is likely discouraged.

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Those interested can check out the cafe (Animal Forest) located in Kurashiki,Okayama.

倉敷市中央1-1-7, Kurashiki-shi Chuo, 1-1-7

倉敷いろはに小路の2階 Kurashiki Iroha Hirokoji, Second Floor

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