Owned by the The Oriental Land Company, there are currently two different Tokyo Disney Resorts (although they're both located in Chiba prefecture, just outside of Tokyo) in Japan: Tokyo Disneyland, and the nautical exploration themed Tokyo DisneySea. According to Mainichi News, a third park may join their ranks in 2025, with a possible theme of "Japan" being considered.

Backed by an impressive 300 billion yen ($2.7 billion USD) investment, the park is planned to offer all new characters, attractions, and large scale facilities. Conscious of attracting tourists from overseas to the park, the company is considering incorporating a Japanese-style theme into the third resort, with more specific details coming in May, 2018.

With Universal Studios Japan recently announcing Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy themed attractions, along with a Super Nintendo World, perhaps there was pressure to make additions existing parks couldn't simply feature as limited-edition attractions. Either way, it appears amusement park-goers in Japan will have a new option to look forward to, although it remains to be seen how a possible Japanese theme will be displayed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.