Mike Popcorn are teaming up with Takoyaki chain restaurant Gindaco to bring Japan a fun new flavour; takoyaki popcorn incorporating Gindaco's own sauce. Both companies are having anniversaries this year, which is what prompted this unconventional pairing.

Mike haven’t been shy with out of the box flavours which range from the bizarre (caprese) to the strangely specific (sugar butter made with coconut oil).

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Takoyaki is a savoury snack food that originated in Osaka, Japan’s second major city. These delicious balls of batter encase a chunk of octopus and are covered in sauce and mayonnaise. Along with okonomiyaki, they have become synonymous with the city of Osaka. You can’t walk a few metres along Dotonbori without hitting a takoyaki stand, just try not to eat these piping hot treats too fast or the roof of your mouth could pay the price.

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Often, takoyaki are called octopus balls in English which surely leads to many humorous misunderstandings.

If you happen to be in the area, a quick glance into an Osakan souvenir shop will reveal an outrageous range of takoyaki flavour or themed items. Some items in the past have pushed the boundaries a bit like this takoyaki ramune (a sparkling soft drink).

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For those of us in other areas of Japan, this new popcorn is a chance to enjoy a taste of Kansai, without the risk of burning our mouths off.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.