It's not uncommon for Japan to celebrate the anniversaries or reward the fandoms of popular anime and manga series with themed cafes and restaurants, as recently seen with a delicious-looking series of Sailor Moon cafes. The Pokémon franchise has enjoyed this honor before, but like most similar promotions, those cafes have been of the pop-up variety and only ran for a short amount of time, making it difficult for those not in Japan to enjoy. Fortunately, that will no longer be a problem, as next year a permanent Pokémon Cafe attached to a brand new Pokémon Center shop is set to open up in Tokyo.

The new cafe, which will feature decorations, as well as a full menu inspired by the mega-popular franchise, will be located in Takashimaya department store's Nihonbashi location in Tokyo. Adjacent to the cafe will be a new "Pokémon Center DX" (Deluxe), which means Pokémon fans can load up on Poké-souvenirs and enjoy Pokémon-themed food and drink all in one go.

The "deluxe" in Pokémon Center DX may simply be referring to the space of the connecting cafe, but it might also imply that this may be one of the bigger Pokémon Centers in Japan. Fans can look forward to the opening of both on March 14th, 2018.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.