While Japanese convenience stores are known to offer a boatload of delicious seasonal treats, bento, and an increasing variety of hot food, they also have a reputation for offering services such as ticket reservations for events, shipping, and even bill payment. Now it appears popular Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart will be adding a unique service, one that will perhaps help counter all the caloric damage you do to yourself on a late night convenience store raid. Starting February 2018, Family Mart will begin a plan to equip select store locations with their own 24-hour fitness clubs.

Titled Fit & GO, the 24-hour convenience store fitness clubs will offer free weights, treadmills, and showers. Depending on the time of day, personal trainers will also be on hand to help out. While it may seem as an odd combo, Family Mart will be selling workout-related goods in their usual convenience store space, and the company hopes to appeal to busy commuters and those looking for a quick and "convenient" workout without the commitment of attending any one particular fitness club. Over the next five years, Family Mart hopes to introduce 300 Fit & GO gyms in Japan, but the first one will be debuting in Tokyo's Ota Ward in February.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.