The Great Big Story, which has given us fascinating looks at stories in Japan such as the hypnotizing speed of the world's fastest mochi makers and the beautiful Japanese sweets crafted by a family over six generations, is now turning their attention to an unusual, but beautiful art form. It's practiced by 77-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi, who creates superbly detailed pieces of beautiful art using the spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel.

Horiuchi wanted to get involved with art once he retired, but became a bit apprehensive once he considered the costs of supplies such as paint and various types of brushes. He wanted to try creating art with what he already had, his PC, and turned to Microsoft Excel. In 2000, he started teaching himself and set out with the goal of having something worth showing people within 10 years. He's definitely done that, intricate spreadsheet masterpieces showing off gorgeous Japanese landscapes that almost seem like ukiyo-e prints from early Japan in some cases.

Despite some derision from his friends and colleagues, it seems his passion for art has persevered. He's not quite sure that his pieces are good enough to buy, but feel free to contact him at his website for information on a possible purchase.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.