Violence never solves anything. The only way to settle differences is an old-fashioned, no holds barred rap battle.

In a new video promoting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Pikachu takes on the cheap imitation that's been stealing his thunder. Despite the challenger being a newcomer on the scene, Pikachu doesn't hold back and delivers some savage blows.

Pikachu's rhymes are so devastating that they literally break Mimikyu's chain. Pikachu's fan favourite status can't be questioned, and the audience's reaction only cements this further. A newcomer had no chance against this 20 year veteran.

Source: PR Times

Mimikyu received a sizeable blow to his ego. But a pokemon that steals another pokemon's identity to get love and attention obviously already has low self esteem. Some of us are left asking, did Pikachu really have to do him like that?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.