One of the most instantly recognisable characters from Studio Ghibli, No-Face or Kaonashi was a mysterious spirit that appeared in Spirited Away.

You may remember from the movie that the spirit has the power to conjure up gold pieces at will. In this new souvenir being released by Donguri Republic, he shows off his party trick once again. If you buy this palm sized No-Face figure, a golden charm is hiding within which will reveal your fortune.

Source: PR Times

Three No-Face figures are available with different expressions and the charms are completely random so you won’t know which one you will get.

Source: PR Times

There are six charms available based off items from the movie, each with the following meaning:

Source: PR Times

(Top Left) The River God – A small good deed goes a long way

(Top Right) Wooden Amulet – A cure-all

(Middle Left) Roasted Newt – You have the power to charm others

(Middle Right) Green Frog – If you practice self-control you will be rewarded

(Bottom Left) The Stone Man – Don’t get in too deep

(Bottom Right) Rice Ball – Your saviour will appear

Donguri Republic also brought us the No-Face Piggy Bank which gobbles up coins right before your very eyes. You can shop online and they also have physical stores in Japan. Should you ever visit Japan, here is a list of their shop locations. (A good idea in general, as Donguri Republic has a wide range of cool Studio Ghibli goods that are hard to find elsewhere!)

Ghibli fans will be wary if they recall the scene where No-Face lures characters with gold, only to eat them when they get close enough. But we’re pretty sure it’s safe to take these gold charms from him…

By - grape Japan editorial staff.