In a series called "Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations", Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) takes the imaginative sketches of his two sons and uses his skills as a professional animation creator to flesh them out as full-blown creative collaborations. The illustrations span across all genres, introducing fantastical one-eyed monsters and cyberpunk heroes showing off the sons' creative capacity for dreaming up a variety of characters and worlds.

The series, which Romain hopes to put together in a book when all is said and done, certainly shows off two distinct artistic styles, but also gives insight into the potential world-building and imaginative design of even the simplest of sketches by children. The project has inspired Romain's older son to pursue animation in the future, so we can expect to see more and more impressive artwork in the future. For previous illustrations, you can check out our covering of batches part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5. Romain also has a Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon where you can help support the project. Their YouTube channel also takes you through the creative process.

Flame Djinn

Pill Boy

Red Crystal Mage

Royal Garden Knight

Crimson Space Suit

Seeker Ant

Stone Borrowers

Future Patrol

Cloud Guardian

Toxic Swordsman

Azaan City Guard


By - grape Japan editorial staff.