For some women, make up is a great way to express themselves, for others it’s just another pressure burdened on them by an image obsessed society.

For Japanese women in the latter group, there’s a cafe that only hires girls who will work there with virtually no make up on (they do admit to filling in their eyebrows). While many women mourn the fact they have to wear make up to a job interview in order to look professional, for this cafe it's a requirement to turn up completely bare-faced.

Naturalia cafe started in Sapporo where the owners believe you can only find bars and cafes with heavily made up staff. In response to this they decided to start their own cafe staffed by girls rocking the natural look.

The cafe's popularity prompted a crowdfunding campaign to open more branches and they were successful enough to open one in both Tokyo and Osaka.

According to the website the concept is a cafe that isn’t all about looks or being the most beautiful, but somewhere you can have a genuine conversation with a down to earth girl.

Looking at the staff Twitter, some of the girls are clearly wearing circle lenses (contact lenses that make the iris appear larger), wearing a small amount of make up, or using filters on their photos. Although it would be untrue to call the staff completely natural, they are still definitely doing their part to promote a more natural look!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.