Japan is a great place to find food inspired by cuisine from all over the world. But some combinations are confusing to say the least. This 'English French Toast' appears to have been inspired by a myriad of countries.

Twitter user @gyari_ posted a photo of the offending bread on Twitter, leading to bewilderment as to where the bread is supposed to be from.

The packaging proudly proclaims that the product is English French Toast, which is only the first confusing thing. The British flag suggests that the bread could be more proud of one of its heritages than the others. The pizza flavour begs the question, is the bread not also a bit Italian?

Perhaps the package designers were trying to invoke feelings of the Italian flag with the green, white and red colour scheme. But as many pointed out on Twitter, that arrangement is actually the Bulgarian flag. Maybe a hint at the bread's fourth nationality?

At this point you may be thinking, at least we can call it European. This bread is actually made by a Japanese company called Kudopan and the original tweet claims you can only buy it in Aomori.

Despite being made in Japan, Kudopan's 'English Toast' products are all patriotically emblazoned with the Union Jack including the appetizingly named 'Chocospray Toast'.

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Replying to the original tweet, someone else took the chance to post another example of ethnically confused food.

This Taiwanese Ramen claims to be Nagoyan Food, but also is stamped as 'American'.

So what is the truth?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.