Once the winter holidays have passed, Japan spares no time in gearing up for its famous spring season of blooming cherry blossoms (sakura) by releasing a constant stream of sakura-themed goods. In the past, this has resulted in items such as Sakura McFlurries, gorgeous sakura-filled rain drop cakes, and special cherry blossom Coca-Cola labels.

Most of these goods are best enjoyed during hanami, or cherry blossom viewing parties which largely consist of picnicking with friends, family, or co-workers in parks where blooming sakura are easily seen. During hanami, alcohol flows very freely, and around this time Asahi Super Dry does so in style with it's pretty sakura-themed can labels.

Although this isn't the first time Super Dry has released its special sakura packaging, the January 30th release of 350ml and 500ml cans decorated with vibrant pink falling cherry blossoms is always a good indication of hanami season coming around the corner. While the contents of the above Asahi Super Dry are the same as regularly packaged cans, they make for a good collector's item for visitors and an appropriate beer to knock back at hanami parties. A bottled variety will also be introduced on February and March 20th in limited quantities.

Those who are looking for something a little different may be interested in the Clear Asahi "Sakura no Kai" (Banquet of Sakura).

Clear Asahi is one of Asahi's happoshu releases, and the Banquest of Sakura variety is said to have a fruity fragrance and lighter feel, punctuated by a refreshing aftertaste from mistral hops. Japan has a huge variety of beer and sakura-themed goods to choose from, but these gorgeous cans will fit in with any hanami party, and fans of cherry blossoms in general.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.