Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka often placates our pop-culture needs, whether it be permanent attractions like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or temporary ones, such as the Attack on Titan attraction.

Last year the theme park announced several new temporary attractions all in the name of ‘Cool Japan’, an initiative to promote Japan’s pop culture overseas. In this vein, the four new themes announced were big names for Japanophiles, including video game series Final Fantasy and classic Magical Girl anime Sailor Moon.

Source: PR Times

The wait is nearly over for FF fans, the attraction will open this week on 19th January along with the Monster Hunter and Detective Conan offerings. It has been confirmed as a virtual reality roller coaster called Final Fantasy XR Ride which will stay open until 24th June 2018.

Source: PR Times

Riders will hop into a carriage modelled after Final Fantasy air ships and wear a VR headset in order to whoosh through the worlds of the mega-popular series, enjoying a 'panoramic view'.

Although before we could only guess at what would be included, a short promotional video has been released to give more of an idea of the kind of themes included in the ride.

Based off this advertisement, we can all rest easy knowing that the most important character, the chocobo will make an appearance. Thank Cid for that!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.