Japan is no stranger to unconventional snack food flavors, and potato chips are no exception. Everything from squid and carrots to milk and toast, and even strawberry shortcake have made their way into potato chip seasonings in Japan.

While giving potato chips the sweet treatment is something that Japanese local brands Calbee and Koikeya seem to feel more comfortable with, Pringles has made some bold choices for an international brand, as evident in its latest offering featuring sukiyaki, a meat dish native to the Kanto region which includes Tokyo. The taste of beef and the dipping sauce are blended to deliver the unmistakable taste of sukiyaki with every bite.

Source: (C) PR Times

Pringles is releasing its sukiyaki-flavored chips in a specially decorated package of 3 cans. Each can has a design motif showing a tasty-looking pot of sukiyaki and a well-marbled slice of premium wagyu beef ready to be dipped in, and a noren cloth curtain and paper lantern evoking the entrance to a sukiyaki restaurant.

As part of a project to offer gift-worthy packages highlighting the unique tastes of different regions of Japan, Pringles has decorated this box of three cans with famous tourist icons of the Kanto region such as Tokyo Tower and Lake Ashi in Kanagawa.

Source: (C) PR Times

The project began in 2016 with takoyaki-flavored chips for the Kansai region, and a gift box of 3 cans decorated with Kansai region landmarks. According to their press release, the Kansai version did very well and they intend continuing the project beyond Kanto. Therefore, you can expect to see even more regional varieties in the future.

Source: (C) PR Times

Pringles' sukiyaki-flavored chips go on sale from January 30, and will cost 600 JPY for a box of 3 cans. They'll be available in stores in Tokyo, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.