Japanese creative design brand Mocolle (whose official slogan is "Wouldn't it be nice if this existed?"), has a reputation for taking the dreams and concepts of fan artists and designers on social media and realizing them into actual products via crowdfunding efforts. In the past they've done so with a T-shirt that turns your breasts into bulging hamster cheeks, Japanese shrine maiden loungewear, and most recently, a humongous mackerel pillow case big enough to be your roommate. Their latest effort, sexy bunny girl lingerie, is the result of a cosplayer's dream outfit and apparently a shared dream of Japanese gamers.

The cause of this project is twofold. Designer/cosplayer @senki3a expressed a desire to recreate the popular "bunny girl" lingerie outfits seen in popular fiction, and staff members at Mocolle said they wished to meet the same type of bunny girls that appeared in the casino scenes of video games they played. Unfortunately, a trip to Las Vegas with that goal in mind turned up empty handed, so they did the next best thing and converted @senki3a's illustrated design into an actual lingerie set, and after obliterating a crowdfunding goal, has gone on sale in Japan.

It may resemble a number of existing Playboy Bunny-esque costumes on the market, but many on social media supported it due to a number of details they felt made it perfect for modeling and cosplaying, particularly the bunny eared cuffs, tiny necktie, red bow, and fluffy tail. While anyone is certainly free to hop into this in the bedroom, cosplay modeling is a thriving trend (and occupation) on Japanese social media outlets, and that seems to be where it's intended use lies. Not surprising, considering a cosplayer designed it.

The lingerie set is officially modeled in the Press Release by popular cosplay model @moe_five (Moe Iori), but several others have taken to showing it off as well.

The "Rabbit Lingerie" set is currently available via Japan's oddity and eccentric bookstore Village Vanguard at their online shop for 8,950 yen. Unfortunately, they only ship within Japan, but many times their popular products end up available overseas on Amazon, Rakuten, or proxy shops such as Japan Trends Shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.