Year after year, Japanese chocolate makers and company marketing teams scratch their heads trying to coming up with innovative products and services for Valentine's Day. For example, we've already seen an Encyclopedia to help you find the ideal sweet gift, Pocky with AR anime boyfriends, or chocolates packaged with lottery tickets.

Now, Japanese novelty company Btech Inc. has created a new service, aptly called "Chocomail," through which you can literally send a sweet message to your Valentine, a message of your choosing spelled out letter by letter with individually printed chocolates, lined up neatly in a beautifully decorated tin case of your choosing and sent through the mail to that special someone in your life. (The Tiffany style table lamp is not included.)

To send your very own message, all you need to do is visit the special ordering website (accessible from smartphones too).

The service allows you to input up to 35 characters in kanji, hiragana and katakana as well Roman alphabet and numbers. Then, you can choose between eight case designs:

And before you know it, your Valentine will be receiving a special package in the mail

In case you were wondering about the male hands receiving the gift, it is mostly women who send chocolates to men on Valentine's Day in Japan and not the other way around. (However, based on the picture of the person placing the order, perhaps Btech had a male couple in mind.)

When your Valentine opens the package, they'll surely be in for a sweet surprise!

The message in Japanese says: "I'm sending my special feelings (for you) in these chocolates. Thanks for always (being there for me). By Yui"

35 characters in English probably won't allow you to convey as much information as that, but there is a solution if you want to say more. When you opt for Btech's other sweet gift service, Cookiemail, you can send messages composed of cookies in 35, 70 or 105-character sized boxes.

Chocomail costs 2,800 JPY and they only deliver within Japan, but you can have your sweet message sent abroad though a third party forwarding service.

You can order up to 100 tins of the same message, an option which may be attractive to companies wishing to offer special gifts to guests attending events (or maybe to people who have multiple Valentines and don't mind sending the same message to each one!)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.