Photo booths in Japan can not only print out photos in various sizes (passport, ID, etc.) and formats (stickers, for example), some of them also have additional "beauty" features to enhance your appearance. And then there are purikura, the special photo sticker booths found in video game arcades and malls which allow you to decorate your pictures with text, drawings, digital accessories, stamps, and even transform yourself with Snapchat-like filters.

However, a new "photo booth" that popped up in Shinjuku Station in Tokyo promises to transform you further than any purikura has ever attempted, showing you a vision of your future self, and even printing out a resume showing you what job you will be doing!

Of course there's a catch. This is a promotional campaign by Japanese employment agency mixi recruitment's flagship site Find Job!, which mainly specializes in matching candidates with engineering and design-related jobs in IT and web-related fields.

The photo booth is the first real-world manifestation of Find Job!'s virtual mascot Akaboshi, who made her appearance on their website in October 2017.

The "Future Transformation Box," as their photo booth is called, is designed to increase public awareness of their employment services in a fun, accessible and highly visible way.

To publicize the campaign, Akaboshi's voice actress Kaoru Sakura, whom anime fans may remember as the voice of Koharun in the anime Mayoiga (The Lost Village), demonstrated how it all works:

When you enter the booth, Akaboshi appears on a screen and guides you through a few a questions, such as: "What would you choose if you could bring one item with you to a deserted island?"

Then, you exit the booth, and pick up you resume.

The resume not only describes your future job from five different choices, it also shows a photo of your avatar representing that choice and customized to your appearance. True to the anime-friendly aesthetic, the future career of the candidate in the resume below is listed as "The Fintech Alchemist," in other words, a job in financial technology. Two companies (naturally, the participating corporate sponsors) are shown as future workplaces where she would be employed.

After picking up your resume, you will be treated to an anime-style transformation scene on the giant display panel outside the booth in which your avatar turns into its future incarnation representing your future career. Moreover, by scanning the QR-code printed on the resume, you can replay the scene at your leisure on your smartphone and share it on social media.

Twitter user @kurepah12porie attached a video revealing a part of the animated sequence with the career choice: "Game Warrior," presumably indicating a gaming career. (We couldn't help noticing that the number of companies appearing at the end is significantly larger for this choice):

If you happen to be in Tokyo between now and Sunday, February 4th, you can experience Find Job!'s "Future Transformation Box" for yourself at the Metro Promenade in Tokyo Metro's Marunouchi Line in Shinjuku Station area. Operating hours are from 11 am to 11 pm, with final admittance at 10:30 pm.

For more information about the campaign, please visit the website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.