While mostly known for sustaining university student diets and offering an instant hot meal for cheap, Nissin Cup Noodle also has a reputation for grabbing headlines with creative advertising campaigns. In recent years, they've introduced a comically large Ultima Weapon Final Fantasy fork, took up the fight against loud noodle slurping with a slurping silencer, and even showed off what Studio Ghibli's Kiki is up to as a 17-year old schoolgirl in a nostalgic ad.

Sometimes they let their more eccentric products speak for themselves, however, as seen with their mystery meat ramen. This time they are tapping into the appeal of two classic junk foods by releasing a french fries and chicken nuggets ramen cup called Cup Noodle: Potenage Big!

The name "potenage" throws together the Japanese pronunciations of "potato" and "nuggets", and tells you pretty much all you need to know about the latest entry in Nissin Cup Noodle's "Big" series of voluminous servings of instant ramen. Outside of fitting naturally into their junkier lineup of cup ramen, the concept behind the release is to combine two popular fast food items with the "nostalgic" taste of Cup Noodle. The soup is a black pepper soy sauce base, and includes scrambled egg and green onion as accompanying toppings. The 94 gram Big cups will retail at 205 yen starting on February 12th, and aims to satisfy the junkiest of noodle slurpers in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.