Nissin, the company behind cup noodles are innovators. Despite being a well-loved, household name already, they never fail to come up with marketing stunts to get everyone’s attention.

Surreal adverts, bizarre limited edition flavours and collaborations with big names like Final Fantasy are just some of the techniques they’ve employed over the years. Joke t-shirts and packaging also make them stand out over the myriad instant ramen options in Japan.

For those naysayers that claim cup noodles have virtually nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, Nissin introduces the cup noodle bouquet.

Seven cups of noodles are intricately wrapped in paper and a stylish noodle ribbon. There are four to choose from, each with a tantalising name and description. Original flavour is called ‘Love’; show someone they’re your number one with the number one best seller from Cup Noodle. Seafood is ‘Elegance’, for when your love for someone runs deeper than the ocean. The curry flavour bouquet is called ‘Magnificence’; stimulating and exciting. Finally the ‘Variety’ pack containing seven different flavours is described as diverse and lively.

This high quality gift is not available in stores, you must order it online and have it sent to your beau. The website handily points out that this present is suitable for occasions ranging from birthdays and Valentine’s Day, to even an important event like proposing.

With tax and shipping, it comes in at 3325 yen. Although it may seem like a cheapskate’s option for a Valentine's gift, the bouquet is actually not so cheap. In fact it would be a lot cheaper to just buy your partner seven cup noodles, but of course, that’s not the point.

A couple that eats cup noodle together, stays together.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.