When your business is serving one of the world's most famous natural aphrodisiacs, Valentine's Day is obviously going to be a special occasion. General Oyster Inc., which runs 27 oyster bars in several major cities of Japan, has created a unique version of their famous fried oyster dish. But when you find out what the special ingredient is, your jaw will snap open faster than an oyster in a skillet.

The brown sauce drizzled over the fried oysters in the picture above is not demi-glace, gravy or roux...

No, that's none other than CHOCOLATE!

You read that correctly, fried oysters drizzled with chocolate sauce. Now, we've seen chocolate sauce drizzled on french fries and even sprinkled on instant noodles in Japan, but chocolate sauce on an oyster?! That has to be a first. But then again, perhaps it only makes sense to combine two aphrodisiacs in the same dish. Also, if you consider that the oysters are fried, perhaps it begins to sound less preposterous than you first imagined. Or maybe it doesn't.

As the poster indicates, you can order this daring culinary experiment from today, February 5th, through to Valentine's Day for only JPY 1,350. And if chocolate wasn't enough of a shock, you can get blueberry sauce on your oysters too. The dish is available after 5 pm at all 27 General Oyster-run oyster bars in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Chiba City, Nagoya and Osaka as well as Ibaraki, Miyagi, Hyogo and Fukuoka Prefectures. The complete list of stores is available on their website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.