One Piece's Nami is one of the most recognizable heroines in anime. Trusty navigator of the Straw Hat pirates, smart and courageous, beautiful and always fashionable, she has rightfully earned a place in the hearts of many anime fans. As with all One Piece characters, she has been made into figures many times before. Just within Premium Bandai's Portrait.Of.Pirates series, which began in 2004, she has already appeared numerous times.

However, this may arguably be one of the best Nami figures in the series so far. Presenting "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece "LIMITED EDITION" Nami New Ver."

Wearing a bikini with a floral print on a white background and blue hot pants adorned with golden "porthole" studs, she strikes a pose that flatters her curvaceous figure as she wraps one of her beautiful long legs around the Clima-Tact, smiling with a cute and confident expression.

Sculpted by Motoki Inada (HEPTA) with paintwork by Taumokei, this figure will surely make a great addition to your collection.

You can reserve "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece "LIMITED EDITION" Nami New Ver." at Bandai Premium's website here, beginning at 1 PM on February 9th (JST).

The price is 9,990 JPY (excluding tax and shipping) and will begin shipping in July.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.