If you think Valentine’s Day could do with some beefing up, luckily Macho 29 are back again this year, providing protein rich chocolate to the masses.

Macho 29 is an ‘entertainment group’ comprised of body builders who want to promote a muscular lifestyle. Like an idol group for fans of rippling biceps. They appear at events, sing, dance, perform skits, cook delicious meat and break items to cure women’s heartbreak. What can’t they do?

They even take on the gluttony of Valentine’s Day by spiking chocolate with protein, so your partner won’t lose out on any gains. Their creation is called Macchoco (macho chocolate, of course) and is only available at their Valentine event in Marui department store for 1500 yen a bar.

Source: PR Times

Buying the Macchoco comes with the chance to see these Adonises in action, as they perform bench presses for every customer that purchases one. You can also take a commemorative photo with the members for 1000 yen.

The event will even have some Macho 29 goods available for die-hard fans of these muscle flaunters.

Source: PR Times

There’s only 4 days for muscle worshippers to get their fix from February 10th to February 14th on floor B2F of Marui City Yokohama. Even if you don't have a hot guy this Valentine's Day, at least you can buy some chocolate from one.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.