Time and time again, postal services across the globe come up with attractive limited-edition stamps.

A 'special stamps' that Japan Post recently released are so illuminating that collectors in the country are drooling over it.

Encounter the universe at the edge of a postcard

Volume 1 of the 'universe stamp' series -- which was released on February 7th -- contains many wonders of the universe, including planets and nebula.

Within the tiny inches of a postal stamp, you are invited to a tour of a fascinating scenery, such as the Orion, Eagle Nebula, and Hale-Bopp comet.

They also feature a hologram layer, so the stamp 'sparkles' as you tilt them.

Early purchasers of the stamp series are ecstatic with it.

If you are fascinated with the space, then you've got to have this stamp!

The quality of these stamps are amazing.

The hologram is a really nice touch.

These stamps really are marvels - I'm sure it will sell out pretty quickly!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.