Twitter user Helvetika Yoshida (@nekonohelvetica) posted a series of photos of her cat Chika, which had then gone viral.

The Cutest Cat History Ever!

One day, Helvetica took a photo of Chika sleeping in a round box.

Then she realized that it was a good way to keep track of how Chika is growing up over time.

Now, Chika's growth record is for everyone to see and enjoy!

5 months old

1 year old

2 years old

The box is too small for me...

This series of photos are so cute, that many people on social media are getting excited over it.

- It's so cute, and it's nice to see how she is growing up.

- Wow it's like looking at an anmonite!

While it would be nice to continue seeing Chika's progress, he might not be able to fit into the box!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.