Given her flare for cleavage-themed drama, you may have heard of Erina Kamiya, vocalist for masked Japanese idol unit Kamen Joshi (who famously collaborated with a fried chicken chain to release girl's sweat and feet flavored fried chicken) who is known for her cheerful personality and big bust, which she says is a G-cup. She hasn't been shy about showing it off, either, recently attempting to break a stack of roof tiles karate-style with her bust, and trying to life-hack undressing.

This time around, however, she's showing off a much more impressive--and selfless--way to use her God-given talents. In a video rather appropriately as "Boobs Save the World", Kamiya is in the middle of a relaxing onsen (Japanese hot springs) trip with her friends when a gigantic meteor comes hurling toward earth, threatening to destroy the whole world. Whatever Elon Musk's Tesla has brought back from space is no much for Kamiya's breasts, however--because they have the power to save the world:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.