Japanese online retailer Felissimo has a reputation for offering up feline-related goods that cat lovers never knew they needed. Recently, they've put out a popular kitty bed that turns your cat into a furry fruit tart, lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose, and scratch and sniff stickers that smell like cat tummies. Most are part of their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese), which strives to combine eccentric and practical. Their latest release, a T-shirt that has a cat peeking and pawing out of your sweater, falls in line with that for sure--although mostly with the former.

It's a fairly simple gag T-shirt, but as truly dedicated cat lovers know, there is really no limit to kitty-themed goods that one is willing to fill their house with. The T-shirt is intended to be worn under a sweater, so that the movable cat paw flap extends out like a cat pawing at something. In practice, a germaphobe could let the fake cat paw handle handshakes for them, or a cat owner could try and entertain their cat with a paw partner as they cuddle them.

The shirt comes in three varieties.

Black and White


Gray Tabby

The shirt is currently available for order at Felissimo's Japanese site for 3,300 yen, but will likely shortly be made available at their international shipping site as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.