Premimum Bandai is no stranger to releasing gigantic versions of our favorite video game and anime characters, as seen with the enormous huggable Snorlax pillow that barely fit into people's homes. This time, they've turned their sights to everyone's favorite pink puff protagonist from Nintendo, Kirby. In the past, Kirby has been sold as adorable meat buns at Japanese convenience stores, and even cutesy lingerie. Now the ability-stealing hero Kirby is available as a giant plush pillow for you to cuddle with, and he's brought snacks with him.

Premium Bandai actually has a story explaining the gigantic Kirby that measures in at 60cm and 5.5kg. Apparently one day Kirby set out to gather up manju (a traditional Japanese sweet made of flour, rice powder, buckwheat, and filled with red bean paste) to give to his fans as presents. Unfortunately, after collecting the manju, Kirby couldn't contain his hunger as he traveled about and ended up eating a hefty portion of the supply--resulting in massive growth./p>

Fortunately, he didn't eat them all. Every gigantic Kirby plush comes bundled with a special pack of Kirby-themed manju, which feature his likeness and a Maxim Tomato to recover your HP as you eat. So not only can you cuddle with the pink defender of justice, but you can also pig out on some Japanese sweets together as well.

The manju packs come with six Kirby-themed pieces.

The "Ate and stuffed to one's content" Kirby and manju set is available to order from Premium Bandai's online site, priced at 15,400 yen ($142.14 USD) with the reservation period open now and delivery expected in June. Premium Bandai has an international service you can use to try and get it from abroad (although items tend to be available later on), and there are also second-hand retailers available.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.