As one of the most popular game and anime franchises, Pokémon commands a lot of attention from companies and service providers, resulting in an amazing variety of collaborations. We have seen everything from Pokémon-themed glasses, Pikachu and Eevee smartphone accessories, even Pokémon wedding rings and Pikachu panties.

And from February 24th, when you visit Pokémon Centers in Japan, you can also buy Pokémon-themed tea!

A collaboration with the Karel Čapek Tea Shop (which shop founder, writer and illustrator Utako Yamada named after reading a children's tale by the Czech novelist of the same name), these cute tins feature an original illustration by Utako Yamada of Pikachu and friends enjoying a tea party together.


Open the tin and you'll find more adorable illustrations of your favorite Pokémon characters decorating each individually packed tea bag. The tin contains two varieties of the well-known tea shop's selections.

Earl Grey Classic:

Made with fresh Dimbula tea leaves selected at their prime, this classic tea has a refined yet comforting floral aroma. The illustration shows Pikachu preparing for a tea party with his friends, carrying a plate of pancakes and a pot of honey while balancing a mug of tea on his head.


Pokémon Gardens:

A decaffeinated black tea blended with marigold and rose petals with a soothing, floral aroma. The illustration shows Pikachu meeting up with his friends in a flower garden.


Five tea packs of each variety are included in the tin, which costs 1,200 JPY (before tax) or you can buy them separately in a plastic case for 600 JPY (before tax).


You can purchase them at all Pokémon Centers and at any of the five Karel Čapek Tea Shops in Tokyo and one in Osaka. For more details, see their website here.


In addition, you can also purchase a variety of "Pokémon meets Karel Čapek" collaboration goods at Pokémon Centers. Tea pots, a cake stand, a fork and knife set, thermos bottles, aprons, hand towels, clear folders, pouches, masking tape, smartphone cases, even charms and necklaces designed by Utako Yamada will be on sale. For more details, see this official page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.