Studio Ghibli enthusiasts have a lot of ways to show off their fandom as they look forward to the opening of what appears to be a My Neighbor Totoro themed amusement park, whether it be sporting vintage Japanese sukaban jackets embroidered with their favorite characters or recalling the time that Hayao Miyzaki reportedly stood up to Harvey Weinstein with a katana. Now they can add something new to their wardrobe with a collaboration between apparel brand Anofuku and Studio Ghibli with a new collection featuring the animation studio's most beloved characters.

Designed by Kensuke Kanda and Kunihiko Morinaga, the collection is comprised of sweaters, t-shirts, and hats which feature designs based off of popular characters like Cat Bus, Totoro, and Jiji, in stylish but subtle fashion. Anofuku is also offering a personal embroidery and hand-knitting service which allows customers to embroider their used sweaters with Studio Ghibli characters. The above video used 200 embroidered sweaters to create a Totoro stop-animation promotion. The collaboration webstore (limited English available) has more details. This comes off the heels of an Anofuku and Studio Ghibli collaboration pop-up store in Ginza.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.