There are many things a teenage girl would do to get a puppy, and Alina Zagitova, the Russian figure skater, showed that winning a gold medal at the Winter Olympics is one of those things.

Reportedly while training for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics she saw a photo of an Akita Inu, a breed native to northern Japan, and was instantly smitten with the dog’s big, fluffy appearance. Her mother told her she could have one if she did well in the competition.

This may have been the extra motivation she needed since she rose above all her rivals and snatched the gold. Now she is soon to be a recipient of a gift from a Japanese breeder. Her own Akita puppy. She has already decided on the name ‘Masaru’, meaning victory in Japanese.

Some commenters have pointed out that these sizable dogs are notoriously hard to train meaning the 15 year old Alina will have her work cut out.

One of these difficult traits take form in their stubbornness, both a tiring and endearing characteristic. Their independent spirit can be seen all over viral internet videos and photos.

Source: @onodesu0223

For example, this puppy refused to give up attempting to fit through a tiny hole in a wall. Though we applaud his enduring spirit, we can imagine that for the owner finding him in this predicament was a bit worrying. (The pup did manage to wriggle free though!)

Source: @onodesu0223

This three-month-old puppy had no problem asserting his independence, despite his size. He stubbornly refused to be walked by his much larger German Shepherd friend. Fight the Power!

The Akita dog can even stay stubborn in the face of a barrage of love. This little rabbit is desperate for attention but the dog just won’t give in. Well, he does in the end, but it was touch and go for a while there...

As we all know from the famous story of Hachiko, when well trained the Akita Inu makes an unfalteringly loyal companion. Hopefully, like the examples shown, the stubbornness of the figure skater’s puppy will take more comedic forms than troublesome ones!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.