This year is the seventh anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake (also known as the Great East Japan Earthquake). It was a powerful magnitude 9 and it unleashed a devastating tsunami on north-eastern Japan.

Initial predictions underestimated the tsunami meaning the response was slow. Tragically 15,894 lives were lost and more than 2500 are reported missing. The catastrophy also triggered a nuclear accident in Fukushima prefecture.

Despite efforts to regenerate the area, it was widely reported on the anniversary of the disaster last year that thousands of people in the Tohoku region are still living in makeshift unit housing, unable to return home.

Each year since 2014, Yahoo! Japan have ran a campaign encouraging people to search for 3.11 (the date of the tragedy) and they donate money to the cause per user that searches. This way not only will money be raised but the event will never be forgotten. By raising awareness, they can also help people plan ahead in case of another disaster.

In time for the seventh year anniversary, they have released an online video that remembers the victims but also celebrates the survivors who now cherish their loved ones even more and live life to the fullest.

Last year Yahoo! Japan drove home the terrifying height of the tsunami by marking it on a board attached to a skyscraper in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The board read:

“If the 16.7-meter tsunami had hit the middle of Ginza, it would have reached this (red highlighted section) height. It is much higher than one would imagine, but our actions can change just by knowing its enormity. We can start preparing now. We can gain understanding and wisdom through the memories of the victims. We will never forget that day.”

This year on the anniversary of the disaster remember to search 3.11 in the Yahoo! Japan search engine and contribute to the cause. Ten yen will be donated by Yahoo! per individual user so you only have to search once. Also bear in mind that the campaign runs on Japan time, so it will be from midnight to 11.59 pm JST on 11th March.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.