If you're a fan of samurai, traditional Japanese martial arts and Japanese castles, and you happen to be visiting or living in Japan right now, you're in luck! Tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th, as part of their 400th anniversary celebration of the establishment of their castle and the surrounding town, Sakura in Chiba Prefecture is having a special demonstration of Ogasawara-ryū school archery and Tatsumi-ryū school swordsmanship which were both practiced by members of the warrior class.

Whereas Ogasawara-ryū combined a system of etiquette with the three martial arts of bajutsu horsemanship, kyujutsu archery and yabusame mounted archery, Tatsumi-ryū is focused on the sword in particular, but also encompasses the use of other weapons and various techniques and strategies to be used against opponents.

The demonstration planned for tomorrow will give you a taste of the dignified and powerful martial arts techniques that the samurai employed hundreds of years ago. Sakura Castle Remains Park is about 100 minutes away from Tokyo by train, so it's not unreasonably far away for an interesting day-trip.


  • Date / Time: March 10th (Sat.), 10:00-12:00 (Free)
  • Place: Sakura Castle Remains Park 佐倉城址公園, Honmaru 本丸 (castle keep)
  • In event of rain: Sakura Elementary School Gym
  • Parking: Sakura Castle Remains Park Parking Lot
  • Inquiries: Sakura City Board of Education, Cultural Division TEL 043-484-6191

Tea Ceremony

  • Content: Shikisei Oribe-ryū 式正織部流 style Tea Ceremony
  • Time: 12:30pm
  • Place: Sakura Castle Remains Park, Sankei-tei 三逕亭 Tea House
  • Cost: 400 JPY

  • By - grape Japan editorial staff.