Unfairly sidelined and considered the ‘other’ blossom of Japan, this year the plum blossoms bloomed early and with a vengeance.

We are now moving into the more mainstream cherry blossom season, but let's take a look back and appreciate the beauty of the plum blossom thanks to this talented Mie photographer, @YutoPhotography. He posted his work on Twitter prompting a flurry of attention from the Japanese internet.

Source: YutoPhotography

The stunning scenes show a sea of pink at the Forest Garden in Suzuka, Mie prefecture. Although the town is usually known for motor sports, these photos shine a light on the spectacular flora of the area.

Source: YutoPhotography

The photographer has taken advantage of the weeping plum blossom trees in the park to create a particularly romantic vibe. Plum trees bloom before cherry blossoms on the cusp of winter and spring, therefore they were classically considered the first sign of spring in Japan.

Cherry blossom is shaking in her boots.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.