Not since the great Pokemon Go summer of 2016 have people been so united in their childhood love of a Japanese import.

Masses of Dragon Ball fans in South America gathered to watch public viewings of episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super. These gatherings took place in various settings, some outside and some in theatres and bars. The screenings were reported in Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Salvador.

Episode 130 is not even the last episode in the series, there is one more to come out on March 25th.

The fans watched the battles with the passion of diehard sports fans cheering and shouting. They also clapped and sang along with the theme song.

As heartwarming as these scenes are, it’s safe to say that Toei Animation were less than pleased with the flagrant copyright infringement and issued official tweets in English and Spanish hoping to discourage loyal fans from attending.

We will see if the local governments continue the public screening events for the final episode of the series, or will they ultimately heed Toei's protests?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.