Most tourists who come to the glitzy shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo, and many of those who work there don't realize that honey is made on the rooftops high above them. Since 2006, the NPO Ginza Honey Bee Project ("Ginpachi" for short) has made honey and participated in activities to preserve and maintain the natural environment of the city, forged ties with local communities and contributed to recovery efforts after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

By permission: © Ginza Honey Bee Project

The honey they make is not only sold as is, it is also used as an essential ingredient in beauty products such as IGNIS and sold at honey and jam specialty shop l'Abeille Matsuya Ginza.

Here is a view of the plot where they produce honey on the roof of a Ginza building:

By permission: © Ginza Honey Bee Project

Guided Visit of the Ginpachi Rooftop Apiary

On March 29th, you'll have an opportunity to see the apiary for yourself, learn how their honey is made and used, about the ecology of the bees that make honey in Ginza, and have a chance to sample some of the honeys made in each season, reflecting the different flowers available for bees to pollinate.

Here are the details:

  • Date / Time: March 29th (Thur.), from 2:00 pm to 2:40 pm
  • Fee: 2,000 JPY
  • Application: Make a request using this form (Japanese only).
  • Event website

Details will be provided once your request is received.

This could be a sweet opportunity to try something different on your next visit to Ginza!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.