Visiting Naohiro Yako (@yako_flpr3)'s Instagram, you will be struck by his arresting urban photography taken in major Japanese cities. Armed with his camera, he’s managed to capture the neon dynamism that makes Tokyo and Osaka’s night scenes so iconic.

But this natural cherry blossom formation in Nakameguro could be his luckiest find yet.

Nakameguro is considered one of the most beautiful spots in Tokyo for hanami (cherry blossom viewing). Although there’s nowhere to sit down for a picnic, the entire stretch of river is populated by cherry blossom trees with branches hanging down romantically. Visitors take a walk alongside the river, admiring as they go.

It’s popular both day and night. After the sun goes down, lanterns light up the blossoms giving them a whole new charm.

With this kind of atmosphere, the area has become a popular place for couples to take an amorous stroll, and it seems even the trees themselves know about this trend.

Naohiro Yako managed to spot a natural heart shape formed by the blossoms and snap this beautiful sakura photo.

Source: @yako_flpr3

The reflected lights in the river give the photo that neon glow characteristic of the photographer’s work, in a suitably romantic pink colour.

He's also previously captured stunning scenes in Osaka after a typhoon. Check out his Instagram and Twitter for more amazing photos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.