The Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu has captured the hearts of many fans all over the world, some of them becoming top Instagram influencers and inspiring a tonne of shibe inspired goods. There's even a cafe in Japan where you can frolic with some of these adorable puppers.

The latest viral hit is this black shiba inu who doesn’t bark or growl like you might expect, but sounds like he’s speaking a human language. The video was uploaded by Twitter user @sunshine_SGW.

The caption says ‘I don’t really understand dog language…’

Despite not really knowing what the dog is getting at, the owner kindly replies to encourage him to continue.

It’s hard to work out exactly what he’s trying to say, but commenters on the video have pointed out it sounds like he’s saying ‘ebi frai’ which means deep friend shrimp. This dog has good taste!

There were plenty of other theories that attempted to translate this dog language. If we can’t agree on exactly what he’s saying, at least we can all agree that there’s definitely something this dog wants to tell us… and knowing dogs, it’s probably food related.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.