You can always count on everyone's favorite creative engineering block, LEGO, to bring out the childhood imagination in all of us. In the past we've seen people use Lego bricks to build wonders such as Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky music box and a marvelous pop-up book model of Japan's famous Himeji Castle. Japanese LEGO enthusiast and wizard Takanori Hashimoto, however, has been turning heads with his moving LEGO creations, such as this fully functioning LEGO escalator!

The device caught a lot of attention at Japan's Wonder Festival, a convention that showcases some of the brightest artists and cosplayers in Japan, but has recently blown up on Twitter and YouTube with many in awe at all the moving parts and intricate construction. Hashimoto says he built the device using official Lego bricks, as well as a Lego motor, but the creative elbow grease and angling that Hashimoto applied himself can be detailed in his blog.

Watch it operate in both directions!

More of Hashimoto's brilliant LEGO devices can be found at his Twitter, YouTube account, and blog, but the video below shows a great roundup of some of his standout devices.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.