During its heaviest drinking season, Tokyo once generously offered a late night rescue bus aimed at boozehounds who missed their last train, but it appears such emergency services and a certain amount of logic were nowhere to be found for one intoxicated man in Hyogo prefecture who attempted to cling to the door of his departing train.

The Sankei Shinbun reports that at 1:10 AM on April 3rd, Hyogo prefectural police arrested an intoxicated man, identified as Shigeki Nagao, who was clinging to the door of a train departing from JR Sannomiya Station. Nagao, an office worker in the city of Akashi, was noticed by the conductor shortly after the train started to leave the station. After resisting station staff's attempts to pry him from the car door, the train was stopped and police were called.

When questioned and investigated by police, Nagao admitted he had been drinking before the incident and said "I thought that I couldn't make it home if I didn't catch this train." It's interesting to note that for Nagao to have safely reached his desired station of Nishi Akashi, he would have had to drunkenly clung to the train doors for roughly 22 kilometers--a feat Herculean in both strength and forced sobriety.

None of the roughly 700 passengers were injured, the the drunken Jason Bourne antics caused a train delay of 20 minutes.

By - Big Neko.