This cat belongs on a movie poster.

Cats don't exactly have a fine reputation for cooperating, especially with bossy humans telling them how to pose, but every once in a while their feline grace matches in perfect harmony with lighting and surroundings for photographs that have us convinced they've been plotting such modeling all along. Japanese Twitter user Hitsuji (@blaueschafe) captured what may be the ultimate example of that with this snapshot of their beloved cat while getting ready to hit the road on a drive.

Source: @blaueschafe

Hitsuji comments that it looks like album artwork, and while it would certainly make a fitting one, we think the epic sunset and dramatic look of concern on the cat's face are suited more for a summer blockbuster, and is begging for a photoshop contest. The photo below of how Hitsuji's cat normally looks, however, needs no further enhancement.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.