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Beautiful Rainbow Latte Art from Roar Coffee Shop Tokyo

Creative latte art has become a big trend in recent years, with coffees getting more and more Instagrammable as time goes on. It requires a lot of skill on the part of the barista and depending on their experience, you can get something quite spectacular that goes beyond the common heart and leaf designs.

If you’re looking for something that doubles as a beverage and a piece of art, you’ve plenty of options already in Tokyo coffee shops, ranging from 3D kitty cats to your actual own face staring back at you from the foam.

But for something that just screams aesthetic it’s got to be the Rainbow Latte from Roar Coffee Shop and Roastery.

The Prettiest Latte Art in Tokyo

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The vaguely hipster looking café is located in Tokyo’s Hatchobori just a few minutes’ walk from the subway station. I went there on a weekday night and found the diminutive venue to have a chilled and trendy vibe, with a single friendly barista working behind the counter.

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The menu is pretty extensive, but the Rainbow Latte is the star of the show. Customers can choose from a few different lattes, including honey latte. Then they have the option of a brown or white backdrop for the design.

Apart from the Instagram worthiness of it all, real coffee fans won’t be disappointed. When ordering you can even choose which type of beans you want the latte to be made with. Not to scare off the coffee novices though, they can rely on the knowledgeable staff’s recommendations.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Latte

There’s plenty of other delicious things on the menu such as various tea lattes and even some monster-looking extreme shakes. Some cafe-style food like paninis and taco rice are on offer as well.

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A cute menu item is the DIY Toasted Marshmallows. You can get cosy with your coffee and relive your childhood years by ordering marshmallows to toast on your own little camp fire.

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Both latte art seeking Instagrammers and true coffee aficionados will be satisfied with a trip to Roar.

Address: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Hatchobori 2-19-11 Roar Coffee Shop and Roastery

Roar Coffee Shop and Roastery Website

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