Charging cables are probably not among your most exciting possessions. In fact, you may go as far as saying they are completely dull.

You also probably haven’t given much thought into decorating it either, but Studio Ghibli die-hard fans know that whatever you put a cute Ghibli character on instantly becomes several times more loveable, even the humble smartphone charger.

Studio Ghibli Characters to Spirit Away Your Charging Cables

These three cute charger covers not only jazz up your cable, but are also practical since they stop the cable from becoming disconnected by accident.

Source: PR Times

The characters available are the Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro, No-Face from Spirited Away, and the titular character from Ponyo.

Source: PR Times

When attached, the character will look as though they are cutely hanging on to your smartphone by biting. Despite looking a bit like they were designed by Vlad the Impaler they manage to retain their adorableness through virtue of being Studio Ghibli Characters.

Each cover costs 680 yen and will be available on Donguri Republic's online store from the middle of April.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.