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First Ever Frozen Coca-Cola Packs Released in Japan

Coca-Cola Japan is releasing frozen Coke slushie packs as a new summer beverage.

Coca-Cola Japan has recently been adding to its lineup of beverages with some creative offerings including Coca-Cola Coffee and even an alcoholic variety. With inklings of an upcoming hot and humid summer starting to form, the beverage company has now released “Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon”, a frozen citrus blend of the popular cola sold in a squeezable slushie-style packaging.

Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon

The drink is sold in both frozen and non-frozen varities (should you wish to take it home and freeze it to your liking), and comes in a squeezable packaging. Similar drinks are sold in Japan during the summertime, including popular soft drinks such as Calpis, Fanta, and a frozen variety of chu-hi. Coca-Cola Japan is marketing the packaging (which has a fitted cap) and sherbet-esque consistency of the drink as a world-first, and claims it took eight years to develop the product.

Coca-Cola says the unique packaging and frozen lemon flavor is a world-first

Frozen and non-frozen versions will be sold

Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon, as well as two new frozen Fanta flavors, will be available in stores throughout Japan starting April 16th, priced at 130 yen a pack.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.