Despite starting off as an April Fool’s stunt by Nestle Japan, Sushi Kit Kats became very real last year. Sadly these rare treats were only available for a limited time, and only at one location in Tokyo at the opening of the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ginza.

Sushi Kit Kats Are Back in Japan

This time around they are only available in Osaka to celebrate the opening of a Kit Kat Chocolatory inside Itami Osaka International Airport.

Last year’s trio of maguro, uni and tamago will be reprising their roles in this line up too. All the Sushi Kit Kats are made with white chocolate covered rice puffs replicating the rice base, and a flavoured chocolate bar in a corresponding colour sits pretty on top. Although there is surely a market of people willing to try raw tuna flavoured kit kats, Nestle played it safe by making sweet incarnations of some of Japan’s favourite sushi varieties. But in classic adventurous Kit Kat Japan style, there's wasabi powder in the rice puffs, adding an extra kick.

The maguro (tuna) nigiri is topped with a raspberry flavour Kit Kat. Not to be confused with the new Ruby Chocolate Kit Kats released earlier this year!

Source: Nestle Japan

The uni (sea urchin) is flavoured with Hokkaido melon and mascarpone, it comes wrapped in seaweed, gunkan sushi style.

Source: Nestle Japan

The tamago (egg) variety is a banana flavour chocolate bar with a slither of seaweed wrapped around.

Source: Nestle Japan

Just like last time, the special set is only available to customers who spend over 3000 yen in store. Each day only 30 of them will be given out, on a first come first served basis. There is a total of 570 up for grabs over the period from 18th April to 6th May 2018.

Source: Nestle Japan

Only in Osaka Airport Kit Kat Chocolatory

As Japan's eccentric Kit Kats steadily gain interest overseas, Nestle seem to be squarely aiming to get some of that tourist yen by giving out the limited edition sets in the airport.

As with any luxury sushi, the set pairs well with a fine Sake Kit Kat.

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