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Cheese Fondue Barbeque Gyoza at Best Gyoza Restaurant in Tokyo

A Japanese variant on Chinese dumplings, gyoza become the go-to comfort food for many an ex-pat. Often called pan-stickers in the U.S., these stuffed pockets of garlic-y pork are cheap, juicy and satisfying. As the pinnacle of Japanese pan fried food, gyoza couldn't get any better. Or could it?

In accordance with the ‘cheese makes everything better’ rule, Warashibe Gyoza in Kanda are happy to oblige.

Warashibe Gyoza’s Teppan Gyoza Cheese Fondue

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At this establishment, the main attraction is the teppan gyoza fondue. Sixteen pan-fried gyoza line the sides of the hot plate with a generous layer of cheese between them. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can also get barbeque gyoza or, in a controversial choice for Japan, coriander gyoza.

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As the cheese completely melts and starts to bubble tantalisingly, you can tuck in to this outrageous decadence.

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After coating the gyoza in cheesy goodness, it's satisfying to see the stringy-ness as you bring the chopsticks to your mouth.

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This Frankenstein’s monster of a dish is so indulgent it almost feels wrong. But at only 2040 yen for a two-people serving, who am I to say no?

With the addition of the hot plate, the simple one-person food becomes a whole new fondue-style experience to share with your friends.

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Best Gyoza Restaurant in Akihabara?

The location of the restaurant is handy since it’s in easy walking distance from tourist hot spot Akihabara. As you approach it, the art above the door depicting a salary man using a giant gyoza to ride a sick wave, while blindfolded with his own tie with a beer in hand really sets the tone.

As Rudyard Kipling said, 'gyoza is gyoza, and cheese is cheese, and never the twain shall meet', but times have moved on and this revolutionary food is very much real.

How to Get There

5 minute walk from Kanda or Ogawamachi station, 3 minute walk from Awajicho station

Address: 101-0041 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kandasudacho 1-14

Warashibe Gyoza Twitter

By - Jess.