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This is the Greatest of Unusual Japanese Pizzas

For the uninitiated, pizza in Japan can be an experience that makes you forget whatever dogmatic belief you have about permitting pineapple as a topping. Very few first-timers are properly prepared for a Japanese pizza party when Corn-Mayonnaise makes a dramatic entrance.

Corn-Mayonnaise: a Japanese pizza staple

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Of course, many standard varieties and universal favorites are available, but many Japanese pizza chains offer flavor and topping combinations that, while may appear to weird as some, are considered fan favorites. Further spicing things up is a Japanese fondness for using regional and seasonal ingredients for limited time goods--a trend pizza delivery chain Aoki's Pizza (a local pizza chain in Aichi prefecture with a reputation for "strange" pizza) is no stranger to. You only have to look at their new leviathan of dough and cheese with this giant fish-shaped pizza.

While you might mistake this unusual pizza to be a giant taiyaki, it's actually a pizzafied promotion for the himono (dried fish) version of one of Japan's most popular fish--saba, or mackerel. Stuffed inside the big mackerel is...more mackerel! Particularly those from a popular shop in Mie Prefecture called "Himono no Shokudo" (Himono Cafeteria), and the fatty fish is swallowed up in mozzarella cheese, a "special" sauce, and comes with an extra side of mustard based BBQ sauce. It's also delivered with a pizza-cutter, and is called the "Swim!! Mackerel Pizza-kun". Although you might call it a calzone.

If fishy pizza isn't your thing, the current lineup also features a Dak-galbi dip based pizza, topped with spicy stir-fried chicken, pork sausage, vegetables, and a Gochujang-base. In the middle of the pizza is a giant cheese dip, and a super spicy version is available as well.

Those in Japan can check here for their closest Aoki's pizza location. The current items are available from April 19th to July 11th.

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