Britain’s Got Talent has been running for so long that the country has probably run out of talent to find, giving a great chance for non-British performers to show their skills to a wider audience.

The grand prize of the British version of the show is the chance to appear on the Royal Variety Performance, an event where the cream of British and overseas talent put on a show for the royal family.

Enter the unique talents of Japanese comedian Wes P (ウエスP) aka Mr. Uekusa.

We’ve written an article about this tablecloth trick master before when he took his eyebrow raising act to Japanese television. He also uploads videos via Twitter which has caused many a viral stir around the world.

By using his own body as the table, he takes the classic table cloth trick to another level, comparable to a surreal crockery-based burlesque.

The added consequence of failure being nudity really ups the tension felt by the audience.

If you think this trick may get old, Wes P continues to up the ante with increasingly imaginative and risky ways to pull away the table cloth including a tape measure and vacuum cleaner. He also varies the size of the table cloth used.

Mr. Uekusa on Britain's Got Talent

Going by the name of Mr. Uekusa for his Britain’s Got Talent appearances, he took his bizarre show to the UK and appeared on the first episode of the new series. The eccentric strip show involves cups of tea, so it obviously went over well, earning him the affection of three out of four judges, as well as the audience.

Simon Cowell, ever the realist, did imply that it’s probably not the most appropriate act for the royal family, asking Mr. Uekusa if he was aware that the winning act will perform for the Queen. But the comedian was more than enthusiastic about taking on the challenge of amusing a British monarch.

The claim he makes on the show of being an International Variety Performer isn’t completely unjustified either, he’s also appeared on Georgia’s Got Talent where he seemed to win over all four judges completely with his charming yet risky show.

Mr. Uekusa made it through to the next round of Britain's Got Talent, so hopefully he'll be able to to take his saucer-y to the Royal Variety Performance and make Japan proud! Or possibly a bit embarrassed.

If you haven't had your fill of nudity based table cloth tricks, check his Twitter (@uespiiiiii) for more than you could ever reasonably need.

By - Jess.