Green tea lattes, desserts, snacks… Japan is matcha crazy and they don’t care who knows it. In Tokyo there’s even a gelato shop which offers the most intense matcha experience in the world where you can choose ice cream from a scale of mild to strong green tea flavour.

Lauded for it’s taste and health benefits, matcha is gaining popularity overseas as well, making the myriad options for green tea goodness in Japan very appealing for tourists. An ever-popular choice is Starbucks beverages such as the Matcha Frappucino.

But there’s a new luxurious trend gracing the instagrams of young Tokyoites, the gold leaf matcha soft serve.

Where to Buy Gold Leaf Matcha Ice Cream in Tokyo

Premium Matcha Stand Maiko in Yurakucho are selling this luxurious version of the classic treat. The aesthetically pleasing ice cream has a sheet of gold leaf wrapped around it and according to the press release, its Instagramability is guaranteed.

The premium matcha soft serve ice cream sans gold leaf is already a bit on the pricey side for an ice cream, at 790 yen (about $7.20) for a cone, but it is premium. If you want to sample luxury matcha ice cream like never before, the Golden Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream ‘Shogun’ costs 1200 yen (about $11).

If you’re not into matcha, there’s also a hoji-cha (roasted green tea) option for the ice cream, but sadly it seems the gold leaf is currently only available in matcha flavour.

Naturally, the Tokyo stand also offers plenty of other tea flavour treats such as lattes, frappes and jelly drinks.

Premium Matcha Stand Maiko has just opened this month and as part of a celebratory promotion you can get 2 toppings on your ice cream completely free. But only if you can manage to get down there before or on 30th April.

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Yurakucho 2-7-1, YURAKUCHO ITOCiA

Premium Matcha Stand Maiko Website

By - Jess.