Japanese dad pays his wife back for six months worth of breastfeeding.

Japanese Twitter user and new mother "Daichichi" (@dai3278/) jokingly remarked to her husband in passing that since a year's worth of baby formula amounts to 140,000 yen ($1,280 USD), she should be entitled to that money in compensation, but it appears her husband took her words seriously and agreed. Calling back to that conversation and simple joke, he surprised his wife on their son's half-birthday with a reimbursement of 100,000 yen ($915 USD) for the time she's spent raising their child!

"It's only a little, but this is my gratitude for the past six months. Please use it however you wish, and thank you for all your hard work."

Daichichi received the note as a birthday celebration for their six-month-old child, but the present attached was actually for her. Surprised that her husband had actually committed a trivial remark in earnest and set aside money to show as appreciation for the care and sacrifice that came with her journey into motherhood, Daichichi says she was moved to tears. The gift seems to have completely floored Daichichi, who says she feels the way she did when she received her first-ever paycheck. While the touching show of love and appreciation between the married couple has moved thousands to tears on Twitter, one commenter replied that it must be awkward for Daichichi to have a husband think her child-rearing can be settled with money.

Daichichi simply replied that along with the money, she received his love and emotion, so there's nothing to feel awkward about. She also notes that if this kind of gesture spreads to around the world, many dads will make things easy for new mothers!

By - Big Neko.