Adorable and lifelike cat hand bags to cuddle with!

Lifelike replications of animals often walk the line between cute and creepy, as seen with adorable wool felt corgis and shiba inu, as well as with gigantic wearable felt cat heads. The fun and furry creations of Japanese Twitter user and designer Pico @picopoco08), however, may have struck the perfect balance. Pico creates incredibly adorable and realistic cat hand bags and toys, all individually by hand!

Pico, an Osaka native now living in Fukui prefecture, describes herself as a housewife who is a maniac about all things cats. She focuses on handcrafting a variety of realistic cat goods, but her "cat hand bags" and dolls have garnered a lot of praise on social media. The items themselves are made from fake fur, and in the case of some, touched up with acrylic paint. Currently on a short hiatus, Pico normally takes orders via her website order page, and ships within Japan. You can follow Pico on Twitter, Instagram, and website to keep up with her status and wonderful goods!

Painstakingly detailed eyes, tongues, and even butts!

Of course, they're made to wear for purrfect utility

The adorable designs represent all breeds of cats

If you have a chance, be sure to follow Pico on her social media accounts to check out more of her cute and eerie hybrid cat bags and purrses!

By - Big Neko.